New Believers

Starting Point


Below is a suggested fourteen-week progression when you begin your discipleship relationships.  The vision is clear so we want to be strategic with the early footsteps of this new relationship to ensure we are balancing both an upward intimacy with Jesus and an outward focus in sharing with others.  This is the distinctive mark of the difference between bible study alone and disciple-making. The goal is spiritual fruitfulness and multiplication as those you disciple go on to disciple others. Click below to begin your disciplemaking starting path!

Below are helpful resources on your journey:


  1. Parables Exploring Jesus
  2. Assurance of Salvation:


  1. Disciplemaking Introduction Video
  2. Discovery Bible Study
  3. Overview of The Bible
  4. Three Circles: A Picture of biblical salvation and my life in Christ
  5. Learning to share the Gospel: the Bridge illustration
  6. Hearing the Spiritual Voice of God
  7. Books of the Bible Summaries


  1. Beginning the Journey - A five-week foundational guide for discipleship for new or beginning believers; at the Connection Center
  2. Now that I'm a Christian - An easy-to-read, brief booklet to help transition a new believer before discipling begins; at the Connection Center
  3. Beginning the Journey on Amazon
  4. Now that I'm a Christian on Amazon

Next Steps

  1. Get Baptized - Why Water Baptism?
  2. Come to our Discover Class
  3. Connect in a Lifegroup

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