We believe prayer moves the heart of God to act on behalf of his people and his plan.

We pray because God calls us to pray for all kinds of requests and petitions (Ephesians 6:18). Our missionaries are on the frontlines, and what they need most from us is to be a people of prayer. We ask God to do the impossible for them and through them, opening up doors for the gospel to reach all people (Colossians 4:3).

Here's how you can join us in prayer:

4 ways to pray for believers

  1. To be filled with the Holy Spirit to proclaim the truth of the gospel among the nations
  2. For fear to be eradicated and for believers to be given grace to stand firm in their faith
  3. For the favor of the Lord to bring about supernatural unity among local believers in every nation
  4. For each of our teams to be fully supported -- physically, financially, and spiritually

3 ways to pray for unbelievers

  1. For the proclamation of the gospel to be accompanied by signs and wonders so that all will believe
  2. For captives to be set free, sick to to be healed and the spiritually dead to be alive in Jesus
  3. For salvations amongst the lost in the nations

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