Parents of Addicted Loved ones (PAL)

PAL offers HOPE for families dealing with addiction.

You are not alone. PAL support groups are for parents and other family members (not the addicted) seeking to support a loved one in their recovery.

PAL’s evidence-based curriculum has been proven in studies to help parents’ wellbeing to improve and decrease enabling behavior. Studies also indicate that the loved one with substance use disorder is less likely to be using drugs/drinking alcohol once a family member attended PAL meetings. The curriculum includes topics such as delayed emotional growth, the role of the family in addition, setting realistic boundaries, and healthy helping vs. enabling. Since these are not common life skills, families often find PAL only after they’ve become overwhelmed and found themselves in need.

Regular meetings offer addiction education and support at no charge for parents and other family members who are trying to support a loved one through an addiction. 

Go here earn more about PAL. For CrossBridge’s PAL location & current meeting times, email Charles or call 210.393.2972 or Randy at 563.940.5892.

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