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Join those on mission through frequent updates from the mission field as events unfold. We'll be posting stories, testimonies and how you can be praying for our teams. 
Middle East (July)

Middle East Impact Team : July 15-30

Final Update July 29:

  • Many were passed off to the long term team today and are being connected to house churches!  Pray these new relationships continue to grow in the Word of God.
  • Ann Marie, Anna, and Maggie met a believer at Starbucks and were able to connect him to the house church.
  • Phillip and Duane took a man to dinner last night and did a DBS with him. They were able to connect him with the long term team.
  • Duane met up with again with the Muslim man who they were able to read John one with. They met again to be able to show him how Jesus is the true God. They will be passing him off to the long term team.  Pray this man see's the truth and pursues Jesus.
  • Charles is going to pick up the art from his friend today! Pray that there would be sweet conversation about Jesus!

Thank you for your continued prayers while the team were sharing the love of Jesus.  Please continue to pray as you feel led for each of these connections made and for the Lord to nurture and grow the seeds that were planted.  The team has arrived back in Houston and are en route home.


Update July 27:

  • Kelsey, Lauren, and Emma Kate got to have sweet community with a lady in a makeup store. She was a believer and was really emotional when the girls shared that they love Jesus. She has had a hard past year and the girls got to pray over her! She shared with the girls that they were an answered prayer that she longed to know that God was real. Pray that we can connect her to a church home.
  • Kelsey, Lauren, and Emma Kate are meeting with two Muslim teens today. Pray for spiritual conversation and sweet friendship.
  • Joe was able to meet with a man with a lot of pain in his life, that Chris had started DBS with. This man has felt super depressed. He shared with Joe that he longed for more Bible passages because Islam is not working for him. Joe prayed with and shared his testimony with him.  Pray this man finds Jesus and comes to know the joy and hope that his heart is seeking.
  • Duane had an awesome conversation with a Muslim man and read John 1 with him. The man wants to meet again to talk more about the Bible.  Pray for covering over their second meeting and this mans eyes and heart opens to the truth and receives it.

Update July 26:

  • Today, Anna and Maggie met with their friend, whom also brought her sister. Please pray they would be able to connect them to a house church.
  • Many people had follow-ups today from previous people that they had met from the following week. Pray for those follow up to happen and that many seeds would be planted.
  • Sarah Grace, Chris and Morgan had lunch with the mom and daughter Sarah Grace & Morgan met. They were able to pray and encourage them to community.

Update July 24:

  • Maggie met a girl in a shop that Jesus had asked Maggie to go in to. Maggie got to pray with her and found out she was a Christian! It was a very sweet encounter with joy!
  • Kirk and Chris helped start a house church with the man Kirk had met in a small construction booth. Such a sweet time with community! They are going to do it next week and invite friends. Pray this house church is fruitful each time they meet and the Lord sustains and grows their faith and their church.
  • Debbie prayed for the information desk lady at a mall and she really opened up. Debbie engage her because the lady was singing. Hoping to stay in contact with her and maybe meet up again. Pray for the chance for them to meet again and more seeds to be planted.
  • Chris has a friend he has been doing DBS with and he went to their house to teach their friends how to do DBS. The friend’s wife had been praying that God would bring a man to remind her husband to follow hard after Jesus. Chris was a fulfillment of those prayers.  Please pray that this man remembers who he is in Christ and that he hungers after a relationship with Jesus.

Update July 23:

  • Chris met a cab driver who is Muslim, and he is trying to get back to Pakistan to be a dad. Chris and Ann Marie got to pray a blessing over him as a good dad.  Pray the seeds of this interaction grow in this mans heart.
  • Hallie, Sarah Grace and Morgan met a cab driver from Pakistan. He has worked in Dubai for 19 years away from his family. He was filled with so much peace. We got to pray for him in Jesus name.  Pray too that their encounter with this man proves fruitful in years to come.
  • Anna and Maggie bought wigs at a local market, and they got to watch as the sales lady's hard day turn to joy as they blessed her. She did not take prayer, but joy was apparent.
  • Kirk met a cab driver that really felt like he shouldn’t have come to Dubai. They got to have spiritual conversation about Christianity verses Islam.  Pray the Lord uses this discussion to encourage the man to ask questions about his faith and come to eventually see the truth.
  • Duane, Phillip, Chris and Charles got to meet a Christian at a coffee shop and who has no community. Duane will go back on a different day to do a DBS with him.

Update July 21:

  • The Lord seems to be accelerating things here — perhaps because some of the summer teams and STT are preparing to leave. The Lord is creating conversations that are going deeper more quickly!
  • A great story of Joseph, who we met one day, joined us for a DBS and then house church all within about 36 hours.  Praise God for his obedience and listening for  his calling.  Pray he continues on this path of hunger for Jesus.
  • An influential businessman wants to meet with Chris for a second time—this time at his office—and to hear more about Jesus.
  • Our teenage/20-something girls are having conversations with local girls that jump quickly into deeper things.
  • Keep praying for the house churches here that they will continue to thrive after summer teams leave.
  • Pray for rest and recovery during their test day as it is so hot and humid and very hard on the body.

Update July 20:

  • Anna, Lauren and Maggie met a group for girls from Qatar and are meeting up with them again today hopefully with the opportunity to share more of Jesus with them!  Pray their hearts are opening to hearing.
  • Duane and his team met a guy from Uganda who is a Catholic Christian and his brother had just passed away. Hopefully they will meet up with him again to encourage him and pray.
  • Duane and his team met a guy from Nigeria. He really wants to know God deeper. They prayed for him twice. They offered to meet him again for a DBS, and hopefully will meet soon. His father is a Muslim and his mom is a Christian.  Pray that this man continues to want to know God more.
  • Hallie, Sarah Grace and Morgan met a woman from the Philippines who worked in a makeup store. They prayed with her and today are going to wait on the Lord with words for her and go back and share them with her!  Pray that she receive these words with hunger and a desire to know God.
  • Kirk met a man that works in a tiny booth for 13 hours a day, alone. He is a Christian and Kirk is hopeful to be able to go everyday and do a DBS with him.
  • Kelsey and Emma Kate met two girls on the beach who were eager to be friends. They got to share about their backgrounds and will hopefully be meeting up with them again soon!
  • Duane and his team had a taxi driver from Pakistan who was a devout Muslim. When they began to talk about Jesus, the man was angry. Duane, through the Holy Spirit, spoke something that shifted him back to peace.  Pray that God brings to this man a peace about the good news of Jesus and that he is curious to know more.
  • Chris and Ann Marie have a meeting for a DBS with a man from Cameroon and a possible chance to share the Gospel with a man from India. Pray their time studying the word is fruitful.
  • Kirk and Debbie are teaching on Discipleship and CALLED with part of the summer / long term team today.

Update July 19:

  • The team are meeting so many from the nations of the 10/40 window.  Please be praying for God to move in the hearts and bring a conviction that Jesus is our one true king in the follow up meetings in the next two days. 
  • One team member had a picture of an African man as they were waiting on the Lord. That night the teammate saw him in a restaurant. He told him he had a picture of him and that he was supposed to ask him to pray for him. It turned out he’s a believer and they prayed together. Then a minute later he comes back and says the barista wants the teammate to come pray for his sick mom. He does that and asks what religion he is. He says he used to be Christian but not any more, which leads to the teammate sharing the prodigal son story and praying for him to return to the Lord. This leads to a DBS and two hour conversation the next day. When they finish, he says, “Oh my gosh, I feel chills all over!” Our teammate met him for a DBS today and he says that the Lord has given back his love for Jesus. He’s meeting us for house church tonight.  Please pray that this man recommits his life to our Lord and walks in obedience. Pray against any influence other than what the Lord has for him.

Update July 17:

The team walked through a mosque this morning, and then spent the rest of the day at a mall with so many nationally represented in the people that work and visit the mall. It truely is a physical place that represents the 10/40 Window. Many conversations were started and several were prayed for. Please be praying for any follow up visits tomorrow.

Update July 15

The team is heading to the airport and about to embark on an adventure for God's Kingdom!  Please pray for safe travels over the next day and a successful connecting flight.  Pray for the base teams preparation in the Middle East who are ready to welcome them.


The team is praying and gathering their prayer partners. They will soon be meeting together to get to know each other, pray for the church team they are partnering with and learn more about the mission field they are going to.  They will be attending a Kindle to learn how to share the gospel and participate in a local outreach.

How you can be praying:

  • The spiritual preparation and development of team members
  • Fundraising and the provision of financial support
  • Flexibility and smoothness in travel
  • The safety and health of everyone traveling
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