Mexico Missions

With a passport, a pair of tennis shoes and a T-shirt, you can join one of the many Outreaches heading to Mexico and help build homes in Reynosa.

Another way to spread the love of Jesus in Reynosa is by partnering with us through an organization called Escuela Viva, which involves sponsoring children and building homes. Please click here to learn more about this incredible ministry and how you can help.

What to expect when you come to Reynosa

You will experience your faith in a way that will transform and change your life. It will bring perspective to your life and a new focus that you will bring back to your life and work. Bring your family! It will be a memory-maker, greater than your best vacation. Putting your faith to action will speak volumes to your kids about your values and the truths of the gospel. Don't miss this Outreach; it is a life-changer!

What are my next steps if I want to participate?

  • Apply for a passport or if you already have one, make sure it is up to date.
  • Complete the online application and inform us by the specified registration deadline.
  • Check with the Outreach team leader to see if any vaccinations are required.
  • Attend all team meetings

What it's like to go to Reynosa

A testimonial from past Outreach participant Todd Blackmon

The colonia

The first full day at the colonia was a bit of a strain. It was 98 degrees, our translator was not very available and we were focused on getting the construction going. The day was particularly a challenge for our two sons, Caden and Jaden, as the kids were not around much and the boys were having a hard time connecting. I took opportunities to get them involved in hammering, drilling, and cutting.

Around lunchtime, though, Caden was frustrated. God led me to pull away from the construction and focus on the boys, the colonia kids, and the family. We started off playing some soccer with Angel and Emmanual and spent time just horsing around and getting to know them. That opened up some great opportunities for the rest of the week.


The colonia is a very active place right now. With the borders less restrictive, people from all over Mexico are leaving everything to head to the border only to be stuck in the colonia because they cannot pay the exorbitant bribes to the cartel to be taken across the river. They are literally stuck there with nothing.

We had the privilege of meeting and praying with David, a man ministering to these migrants. His message is they can find hope in Jesus when they have no hope of making it to America, no hope of work, and no hope of getting back home. They are finding this hope in Jesus each and every day. Pray for David. He is living a hard life day in and day out solely for the joy of sharing this hope.

Meeting a family we sponsor

I spent time that afternoon sitting down talking to our family, Martin, and Celine. Theirs is a story of hardship. After migrating to the border and not being able to follow their dreams, their home was destroyed by flood. His parents are dealing with affairs and depression. Her parents, with whom they are staying, are very dysfunctional, ungodly, and difficult to live with.

They support their family by selling burgers from a cart and they sleep on her parents’ floor. Through our talk, I found out they have a personal relationship with Jesus. We were able to talk about God’s sovereignty in trials and pray over their family. Being given a house of their own where they can get away from the ungodly influence of her family is a gift beyond measure. I wish you could have seen his tears, the wonder in her eyes, and their daughter, Nancy’s “Mi Casa, Mi Casa, Mi Casa” song and dance.

Meeting a child we sponsor

We were very sad that we did not get to see a student we sponsor, Cristal, on this trip.  She had to work every day we were at the colonia. This is our eighth year to sponsor her and she is in tenth grade and continuing her education. Without sponsorship, she would not be in school today and would be left to the street, the cartel, or even worse perils.

Rylie and I went to Reynosa back in 2016 and got to meet a major league baseball player from Reynosa named Jaimie Garcia. He grew up in Reynosa and was there visiting to see how he could be involved in this ministry. He has since started a mentoring and support program for high school kids from the colonia that go on to college and trade school.

We are so grateful this program is available for Cristal and pray that she continues with her education. We learned on this trip that her home life is difficult because her father beats her mother.  She has asked us on previous trips to pray for her father. We never knew exactly what that meant until now.  We love this girl and pray that her education and love for Jesus will be generationally changing.

Missions through the eyes of my son

It was such a privilege to spend twenty-four hours a day with Caden and see him experience serving in difficult conditions. His eyes were truly opened and it was a stretching experience. We had some incredibly deep discussions and I will treasure these memories for the rest of my life.

Reynosa FAQs

What costs does my payment cover?

  • Your check covers transportation, lodging for three nights and all meals, with the exception of the travel time meal. Many bring a sack breakfast/lunch and snacks for the van ride. You will also need to bring extra money for spending and tipping.

How do we travel?

  • The team will be traveling together in fifteen-passenger vans. One large trailer will be brought to carry the luggage and any materials needed to build and furnish the home.

Where are we staying?

  • The team will be staying in Reynosa, Mexico at the Best Western El Camino Inn & Suites. The telephone number is +52-899-923-0791. You can Google Best Western Reynosa for more information.

What can the kids do while I'm working?

  • Depending on their age, they will either be working beside you hammering and painting or they can play with many of the children from the Colonia. We recommend bringing jump ropes, footballs, frisbees, soccer balls or anything else to start a quick game.

What are the bathrooms like?

  • At the building site the bathrooms are outhouses. You will need to bring your own toilet paper. At the hotel they are regular restrooms.

Is the food safe to eat?

  • Yes. All the food set before you by a member of the Strategic Alliance team is safe to eat.

Do I need to bring bottled water?

  • No, safe drinking water will be provided. We do recommend bringing a water bottle to fill up for yourself each day.

Will my hairdryer work?

  • Yes. Electric current throughout Mexico is conformed to 110 volts, 60 cycles. Same as in the United States.

Does my cell phone work in Mexico?

  • Some do and some don't, so check with your cell phone provider.

Can I wear shorts?

  • Shorts are only acceptable if below the knee. Long pants are recommended. Also, please don't wear any type of camouflage clothing.

Questions? Please feel free to contact Lauren Huberland at Lauren@CrossBridgeCommunityChurch.com

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